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Algae GRRE InvestGRRE was founded on the premise and view that going forward, demand for global alternative commodities, specifically energy and renewable energy will continue to experience strong rates of growth, due to supply of conventional sources of energy will become increasingly scarce, leading to providing a more valuable, attractive long term investment opportunity in renewable energy.

Over the last few years it became apparent that the same fundamental factors driving energy prices have driven the entire commodity scale higher. For example, GRRE looks at many opportunities in the growing renewable energy market and invests into such projects that generate clean, green electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro. GRRE also works with partners to develop and acquire projects and invests in innovative companies in the sustainable renewable sector as well as other forms of alternative energies for example, Biofuels and Biogas.  Parallel to this demand, we see global change as an investment opportunity supported by global government legislation who are at the forefront of implementing this new forum of alternative energies.

By investing with GRRE, you will be helping support projects that generate clean, green electricity from sustainable sources, maintaining and protecting the all important future of the environment and in conjunction provides support for biodiversity and local communities. We work with a range of carefully selected partners to develop and acquire renewable energy projects and invest in the long-term business potential of companies throughout the sustainable energy sector.

GRRE Investment Fund provides constant insight and access to this growing area. Our vision is clear. We believe the future can be powered with Renewable Energy. We invite you to share our vision and invest with us.