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Senior Management

Ian Stewart, Director – Ian is an ex-banker with 25 years of real practical corporate/business banking experience, heading up the Barclays Bank Audit team for Wales and South West England. Ian is a strong link in compliance and corporate governance.

Rupinder Chana, Director – Mr Chana has a wide experience in sales, marketing, portfolio and Investment management of selective Funds, Blue Chip and alternative investments. Significant capital raiser on major EU and MENA exchanges, Pinder is focused on sourcing major eco sustainable projects worldwide in emerging markets. He is currently focused on the Indian and Asian Markets.

Gary Flint, Project Manager – Mr Flint has many years’ experience in senior management, project management and advisory positions in areas including private equity, venture capital, renewable energy, telecommunications and mining industries. Gary will continue to work with the team to identify, develop and implement scalable, sustainable renewable energy investment projects focusing on North and South America and Western Europe.

Financial / Technical Advisory

GRRE utilises the services of an independent and international advisory company headquartered in Switzerland, who is a global leader in execution and support of Private Equity Transactions and Corporate Finance Services with more than US $ 1.5 Billion in Transactions successfully realized with focus on clean technology, renewable energy and life sciences.

Technology Advisor

GRRE’s technology advisor is an expert in new technologies for renewable energies and Carbon Markets and is a current member of the UN Framework on Convention Climate Change, Clean Development Mechanism/Joint Implementation. He advises United Nations Agencies, the World Bank, the European Commission and governments on renewable energies policy and has worked as a key market development researcher in financing divisions at JPMorgan-Cazenove and Commerzbank Ag, gaining substantial professional investment skills over 15 years with top- tier firms in developed and emerging markets.