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Attention to detail
GRRE create both business and personal relationships built on honesty and trust, we always endeavour to keep proactive and attentive to all our clients needs and requirements.
Client assistance
We keep our investment process simple with subscription and KYC, dealing with one point of call to guide you and deal with any related issues, our administrator along with a GRRE team member will always be on hand to help with any enquiries.
Risk Strategies
The team pride themselves on risk reward and assess all areas of risk in entering into any investment, the team can also accommodate a client to their specific appetite for diverse risk in their portfolio.
Monitored Risk
The funds working partners, administrator, custodian, legal representative, investment manager are experienced and established in their field of duties and oversee corporate governance and investment
types as a whole.
Your Expert advisors
We mix the team with experience throughout different fields in risk, investment directorship, compliance, project management and depth of knowledge from all in the funds chosen activities. This gives us the right blend for a professional, successful working partnership.
The fund is fully regulated by the FSC along with all our working partners to the fund, thus giving the investors comfort of being under the watchful eye of a professional regulated entity and environment.The fund is an offshore investment vehicle domicile in Anguilla regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).