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Who we are

The Green Renewable Redeemable Energy (GRRE) Fund is a new diverse fund targeting investment opportunities in renewable energy and clean technology projects. GRRE’s objective is to generate attractive returns with initial focus on waste to energy, bio-fuel and biomass projects worldwide along-side eco-property development projects within England & Scotland

The Fund has a dedicated team whose core principle is to enhance sustainable investment opportunities through careful project selection, due diligence and ongoing project management with established renewable energy project specialists. The fund is an offshore investment vehicle domiciled in British Virgin Islands regulated by Financial Services Commission (FSC).

GRRE was founded on the premise that the demand for global alternative commodities, specifically energy
and renewable energy, will continue to experience strong rates of growth. The renewable energy market is the fastest growing generation segment in Europe, in part, due to the increasing cost competitiveness of
renewable energy technology, government policy and legislation and the ongoing scarcity of supply of conventional sources of fossil fuels.

By investing with GRRE, you’ll be helping to support projects that generate clean, green energy and commodities from sustainable sources, helping to maintain and protect the all-important future of the environment. GRRE work with a range of carefully selected partners to develop and acquire renewable energy projects and innovate green technologies and invest in the long-term business potential of companies throughout the sustainable energy sector.